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Our transport solutions – everyone started small at some time.

We started as a small local freight forwarder more than 60 years ago. Driving overland. And now, with almost 125 of our own towing units, we operate an extremely competent and well-positioned forwarding business with its own vehicle equipment, principally dedicated to central European destinations.

Our national field of activity offers transport solutions for all aspects of procurement, industrial and distribution logistics. For this purpose, we offer individual transport within the framework of our expert solutions or with our International Forwarding Division. Even in the complex field of contract logistics there is sufficient space for transport tasks – which we process extremely reliably and competently with our GRIESHABER drivers and our GRIESHABER equipment.

Excellent cost-optimised transport relationships and collaborations can be set up with the GRIESHABER sites in Baden-Württemberg and North-Rhine Westphalia, guaranteeing rapid and reliable connection.

Quality, quality, quality.

Our aim is to offer you sophisticated transport and freight forwarding performance. With reliable collection and arrival times – as you are entitled to expect from a leading German transport company.

And if something were to go wrong we would provide rapid help with alternatives.
Ultimately, we have agreed co-operation contracts with more than fifty transport and logistics companies that are always good for a solution.
This includes an up-to-date and available fleet , that we keep serviced and ready for action with our own workshops.


A learning organisation – and what now?

We naturally combine all GRIESHABER activities and all GRIESHABER sites with one another. Both via uniform IT systems (for the functionalities of scheduling, management of loading equipment, billing, offers and warehouse management) and in the smooth transfer from site to site when it comes to providing support for our most important partners – i.e. you!
The GRIESHABER Dispatchers’ Manual ensures that all personnel have the same level of knowledge and are very capable of using our variety of programs. We have achieved the same with the GRIESHABER Drivers’ Manual: a basis for quality-oriented work on your behalf. Because nothing is more important for us than working successfully with you.

And if anything should go wrong at some time, simply let us know so that we can initiate our corrective and preventive action (CAPA) measures.



These standards give you and us the security that the rules that we have worked out with you for the control and co-ordination of our goods flows are maintained and function well. You can therefore rely on every GRIESHABER site for an almost uniform processing of your orders and for comprehensive transparency regarding the tracking of your consignment. Regardless of whether you trust us with hazardous goods, bulky goods, long goods, heavy goods or pharmaceutical products.

EXPERT SOLUTIONS in the transport chain

Specialists are required here – and, according to the dictionary, these are also personalities that enjoy significant influence and high professional esteem.

Among our expert solutions we count:

  • (inter)national sea and inland waterway transports,
  • Kombiverkehr / HUPAC and other transport companies,
  • just-in-time transports,
  • temperature-controlled transports,
  • transport with validated or accredited equipment,
  • hazardous goods transports,
  • over-wide transports, and
  • heavy transports.

Clarification of requirements before proposed solutions

Your task is too tricky for us to immediately come up with a solution or a standard. This statement alone demonstrates vast experience as a modern logistics service provider and long-standing transport company. That is why we must talk. About length, width, height, weight, load security, special aspects, packaging, fixing points, and the use of load security equipment.

How should your product be loaded – with a crane, a fork-lift truck or even manually? Can we load from the side, or only from above, possibly classically via rear-loading?

We clarify this and then put together the solution for you. Promised. And implemented!



This means logistics that meets the toughest demands because, even if the chemistry is right, the logistics in the chemistry must also be consistent. Our sector solution, Safety and Quality Assessment System (SQAS) focuses on the chemicals sector’s above-average logistical requirements.

The demand for chemical products is high – and thus also for transport by truck, shipping containers or on board airplanes.

Among other things, it involves the professional handling of hazardous goods. It is essential to undertake wide-ranging protective measures to guarantee the safety of persons, the environment and the goods at all stages of the transport of these hazardous goods. In short: in addition to well-founded logistical knowledge, an excellent knowledge of the sector is crucial for the transport and storage of chemical products.

Hence the SQAS standard of the European Chemical Industry Council consistently serves to assess the quality, safety and environmental soundness of logistics suppliers and logistics service providers.


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