International transport

GRIESHABER’s International Transport Division is your competent partner for global transport solutions.


Oversized and heavy transports

Exemption certificates

We distinguish between different types of permits and/or transports requiring authorisation:

  • oversized transports with high volumes regarding height and/or width and/or length,
  • heavy transports with normal dimensions but high weight,
  • oversized and heavy transports with high volume and high weight.

Oversized and heavy transports have dimensions and/or weights that exceed the legally permissible limits of the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO) and/or Road Traffic Act (StVO) and therefore require a permit according to § 29 Para. 3 StVO or an exemption certificate according to § 46 StVO, in addition to the exemption certificate according to § 70 StVZO.

The permit according to § 29 Para. 3 StVO or the exemption certificate according to § 46 StVO is issued by the responsible local road traffic authorities (district administrations or the town hall of towns and boroughs).

And we take care of precisely these detailed aspects so that you do not have any sleepless nights about your heavy and special transports – instead your/our transport solution ensures great success worldwide.


Overland transports

Your goods need to arrive in optimum condition and on time? Then not only is perfect securing of the cargo required, but also qualified drivers. The GRIESHABER Logistik GmbH with its fleet and its co-operating partners guarantee that the overland transport functions smoothly within Europe and every consignment reaches its destination in perfect condition.

GRIESHABER personnel will find the best transport route for you and your specific task – whether by truck or rail – and make you an individual offer. Whereby we want to support you as much as possible so that you do not have to worry about any transport issues.

Our services include:

  • partial and complete loads,
  • consolidated and single-item consignments throughout Germany and Europe,
  • special journeys and express services,
  • transport of heavy goods,
  • electronic customs clearance, and
  • packaging services & storage.

Sea freight

We are particularly ambitious regarding the transport of sea freight. We place great value on an excellent relationship of mutual trust with you, which we underline with a detailed Quality Management System that is firmly established within the company.

To and from all seaports we organise your:

  • FCL and LCL transports,
  • break-bulk consignments,
  • project consignments of all types,
  • worldwide cross trades, and
  • complex door-to-door deliveries.

Costs for transporting sea freight are relatively low compared to airfreight. Excellent when your goods do not need to reach the destinations very quickly, unlike with airfreight.


If transport by ship will take too long then use the alternative: GRIESHABER airfreight solutions.
We transport your goods to their destinations reliably, rapidly and very effectively by air.

GRIESHABER’s experts ensure that we offer you a solution for the complete handling of your airfreight beyond the airport too. In addition to managing the transport and customs formalities, this could also involve professional handling of high-quality and sensitive goods. We can also undertake such tasks as purchase order management and partial or complete charters.

With our longstanding partners, stationed worldwide, we can connect you with all global trading centres via airfreight.

Project forwarding

One of the GRIESHABER Logistik GmbH’s specialities is the forwarding of project consignments.

We describe classic project forwarding as one of the most complicated forms of transport because it involves the entire range of performance – from the procurement of differing vehicles and accurate dispatch planning, to the processing of loading tickets and packing requirements, as well as the preparation of all accompanying and customs documentation.

Our aim is to offer and implement the projects according to the door-to-door principle.

Based on precisely determined customer requirements and freight specifications, we install an efficient and accurate delivery chain involving differing means of transport and carriers for your complex project transports.

Do you have further questions? We look forward to your call or message.


An overview of the GRIESHABER Logistik GmbH’s customs service activities:

  • Consulting: customs and exports
    Process analysis and optimisation
    • ATLAS and compliance consulting
  • Compliance Service: regular checks of
    business relationships against the current ‘terror lists’ of the EU, Japan and the USA
  • Processing imports and exports via ATLAS
    Import into free circulation.
    • Import for active processing and after passive processing.
    • Import to the customs warehouse and complete processing of customs formalities (ATLAS-ZL), if desired in combination with warehouse logistics.
    • Exports to third countries.
    • Exports for passive processing after active processing.
    • Processing of T1 and T2 transit procedures as an approved sender and recipient.
  • Customs service activities outside the ATLAS process
    Handling rectifications.
    • Applications for special customs documents such as certificates of origin, EUR 1, A TR, T2 L, CEMT approval, etc.
    • Customs clearance with the Carnet A.T.A. and Carnet TIR systems.
    • Customs clearance in other EU member states, Switzerland, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus and other European countries as well as in Africa, America, Asia and Australia.

Outsourcing import and export tasks gives you:

  • security and dependability,
  • prevention of errors during customs formalities, and
  • reduced costs combined with greater flexibility.

The GRIESHABER Logistik GmbH has been an approved regulated agent (RA) since October 2012.
We have approvals for the sites in Weingarten (Stettiner Strasse 1) and Ravensburg (Helmut Vetter Strasse 10 and Holbeinstrasse 40). The approval number for Weingarten is DE/RA/01017-01 and those for Ravensburg are DE/RA/01017-02 (Helmut Vetter Strasse) and DE/RA/01017-03 (Holbeinstrasse).

Use our Online-Form place a forwarding order or make an enquiry.

We have also built our International Packaging Centre at the GRIESHABER Logistics Park in Ravensburg as an additional benefit for you. Find out more here


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Manager of International Transport

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Project Manager, Special Transports

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