The town of Mettmann, with 40,000 inhabitants, is conveniently located not far from Düsseldorf.

Mettmann is world famous thanks to the people living in the Neander Valley (Neandertal). The Neander Valley was named after the Evangelical songwriter Joachim Neander, who enjoyed going for walks in the area. The remains of Neanderthal 1, named after the location, were found during limestone mining. The Neander Valley is now a popular excursion destination; the Neanderthal Museum at the town’s border to Erkrath was set up to illuminate the topics surrounding the famous find and human prehistory.

In addition to the office space, the GRIESHABER site in Mettmann also offers about 1,500 m² of covered storage space. More than 30 company towing units are stationed on the site and ensure transport of excellent quality. These capacities can be expanded at any time, as required.

Until the takeover by GRIESHABER in 2010, Mettmann was the Headquarters of H.D. Reinhold GmbH & Co. KG, a forwarding company of great regional importance with a high level of competence in automotive logistics.

One of the largest companies here is the +GF+ Georg Fischer foundry, where 1,100 employees cast products for the automotive industry using spheroidal graphite cast iron.


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