The word “quality” actually describes the “degree of excellence” of an object, system or process (see Wikipedia). We at GRIESHABER, however, see quality in a much broader context as the fulfilment of jointly defined requirements.

And this applies to all requirements, regardless of whether they involve contracts and requirement specifications with our customers, collaboration with our social partner, Caritas, or compliance with construction contracts or purchasing activities. We enjoy being obliged to provide the agreed performance and to offer you further supplementary benefits that can also be experienced as the GRIESHABER formula of “proactive. pioneering. purposeful”.

Our clients are active in demanding sectors. This results in a wide variety of requirements and industry standards to be met.

Trust is essential for successful collaboration, particularly in the world of logistics. This, in turn, is based on transparency – and the best transparency is provided by an open management system that shows all the processes and can thus be audited.

DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

Our aim is to supply palpable quality every day as a sign of our inner attitude. This requires well-founded management systems that guarantee clearly defined and declared activities. Training ensures the implementation of customer and other stakeholder requirements. Legal compliance is supported by an active management system. DIN EN ISO 9001 is the mother of all management systems and therefore indispensable for all other standards. We have consequently included all sites and all major logistical projects in the matrix certification.

Our scope of validity refers to “national and international transports/forwarding and transport projects; contract logistics; pharmaceutical, paper, automotive, food and small parts logistics; as well as consulting, development and the implementation of logistical solutions.

With our certification company, SVG, we have deliberately selected a partner that masters the needs of the logistics sector and can therefore provide a company with important impulses for its further development.

DIN EN ISO 14001:2004 und DIN 16247 Energieaudit

Our aim is for the administration, services and sites of the GRIESHABER Logistik GmbH to have as little impact as possible on the environment. We therefore take environmental compatibility into account for new sites and logistics projects early on in development. Energy is used as sparingly as possible. The generation of pollutants is reduced as far as possible.

Our service, supply and disposal processes, as well as the products used, are regularly and methodically assessed for their environmental effects. The implementation and effectiveness of the environmental protection measures at GRIESHABER are assessed during the annual environmental audit.

The prevention of emissions is our top priority. We therefore exploit advanced technologies, particularly for the vehicle fleet, to ensure environmentally friendly waste and waste water disposal, the treatment of exhaust gases, the reduction of waste, and noise reduction.

Exposure to pollutants and noise at workplaces is regularly tested by the works medical officer. The GRIESHABER Logistik GmbH also obliges its suppliers to achieve environmentally friendly and resource-conserving production and delivery with the aim of not having an unsustainable negative effect on the environment through our activities. We also work closely with authorities and public bodies regarding environmental protection.

IFS Food Logistics Version 2.2

The handling of food, in particular, requires sensitive and consistent compliance with the requirements of the International Featured Standards for Food Logistics. Aspects such as the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) standard, hygiene regulations, food defence, pest control and regular training courses and qualification of personnel form the basic structure for customer-oriented food logistics.

In DEKRA, we have a very competent certifier that knows exactly where dormant potentials lie. Nevertheless, we have always been able to finish at a “higher level”, with a current evaluation of 97.75 per cent. The scope of validity is defined as: warehousing, picking and shuttle transports of packed foods without temperature control.

SQAS Safety Quality Assessment

We have had the SQAS assessment at our Kerpen/Türnich site and completed it with a fulfilment level of 89 per cent – Report Number 83003.

The requirements of Behaviour-Based Safety (BBS) give us valuable ideas about how to improve the quality of truck drivers. Overall, personnel play a special role in the SQAS standard which is, of course, absolutely understandable given the tasks of the chemicals industry. Ultimately a flawless attitude to safety and compliance with the defined rules is essential.

The integrated management system at the GRIESHABER Logistik GmbH is rounded out by meeting the requirements of an authorised economic operator – full (AEO-F), as well as having regulated agent status.

The approvals as a regulated agent are available for the Weingarten site (Stettiner Strasse 1) and the Ravensburg site (Helmut Vetter Strasse 10 and Holbeinstrasse 40). The approval number for Weingarten is DE/RA/01017-01; for Ravensburg DE/RA/01017-02 (Helmut Vetter Strasse) and DE/RA/01017-03 (Holbeinstrasse).

The AEO/F certificate number: DE AEOF 109523, issued by the Main Customs Office in Ulm for the aspects of customs simplifications as well as security and safety.

The GRIESHABER Logistik GmbH has a “permanent transport permit” for the transport of industrial waste.

proactive. pioneering. purposeful.