Packaging solutions

Really good packaging is like this:

Regardless of the packaging material, we differentiate between two basic types of packaging:

  • self-supporting packaging with external attachment, and
  • non-self-supporting packaging with internal attachment

We also construct for you:

  • crates,
  • partial packagings, e.g. sleds, squared timber constructions, boardings and bales,
  • standard crates,
  • belt batten crates,
  • crates on runners, formwork crates,
  • plywood and formwork cases.

Pallets and flooring

The necessary pallets and flooring are individually constructed for the packaged good. Either at the Packaging Centre or at your site. The aim, however, is always to find the most economical and efficient solution. For example with:

  • disposable and reusable pallets of all types,
  • transport bases, and
  • container floors / skids.


Your product is the MOST IMPORTANT thing for us, so we protect it using:

  • PE splash protection covers,
  • bubble wrap,
  • antistatic bubble wrap,
  • foams,
  • stretch wrapping,
  • inner packaging, and
  • corrosion protection using VCI films and paper, PE climate protection or aluminium climate protection using the desiccant method.

Monitoring of transports – our modules include:

  • Protect-a-pak
    A mechanical impact indicator.
  • Shockwatch label
    Another impact indicator, attached to the packaging with adhesive.
  • Tiltwatch PLUS
    Used as a tilt indicator for upright transport shapes.
  • Tiltwatch
    A simple tilt indicator.
  • Shocklog
    Transport recording device.
  • WarmMark time-temperature indicator
    Shows whether products have been transported or stored outside permissible temperature tolerances.
  • Thermobutton temperature logger
    Electronic temperature monitoring of sensitive products.
  • ColdMark frost indicator
    Monitors frost-sensitive products.


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