We also use the English word in our German-language version of this website. You could call it Germlish if you wanted!

Using the English for warehousing is an image-building measure because it sounds a lot better than the German word ‘Lagerei’.

We offer the following in the sense of a multi-user warehouse:

  • rapid area and/or storage space availability,
  • perfect transparency thanks to GRIESHABER storage location management, and
  • the simplest possible order processing.

The GRIESHABER Logistik GmbH offers you professional warehouse solutions with standardised areas and spaces in the following warehouse types:

  • small parts warehouse,
  • pallet rack warehouse,
  • narrow-aisle rack warehouse,
  • customs warehouse,
  • heavy goods warehouse with cranes,
  • officially approved and temperature-controlled storage capacities,
  • uncovered open-air storage areas, and
  • covered open-air storage areas.

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