Pharmaceutical logistics – risks ruled out

Ask your doctor or pharmacist – no, side effects are not to be expected with GRIESHABER pharmaceutical logistics. Because almost 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical contract logistics characterises the processes and attitudes of the personnel.

Almost no other industry has such high performance demands as the pharmaceutical sector, regardless of whether commerce, production or distribution is involved.

Our experience guarantees that we meet all pharmaceutical requirements on the basis of Good Manufacturing Practice for medical products (GMP), Good Storage Practice (GSP), and Good Distribution Practice for medical products for human use (GDP for short).

Documentation of the jointly defined processes through Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) is a given.

Examination of process conformity by means of external and internal audits is a matter of course. And the large number of customer audits, FDA audits or inspections by the particular regional councils ensures that we also have the jointly defined tasks under control.


Further service elements that we offer as part of our pharmaceutical logistics activities:

  • pest control,
  • hygiene principles, as also required by the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) standard,
  • qualification of equipment (mobile equipment),
  • room qualification (DQ, OQ, PQ, IQ) with monitoring systems,
  • room temperature-control from 15° to 25°C,
  • refrigerated warehouse at 2° to 8°C,
  • integrated QM and QS system, self-inspection,
  • guaranteed observation of relevant regulatory requirements – DIN EN ISO 9001, German Medicines Act (AMG), EU GMP guidelines, EU GDP guidelines, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR21, part 211), among others,
  • troubleshooting involving corrective and preventive action (CAPA),
  • qualified personnel, continuous training measures,
  • monitoring of health,
  • hygiene measures for personnel,
  • maintenance and calibration of infrastructure,
  • receipt of incoming goods,
  • systematic collection,
  • batch-oriented storage and picking of raw materials, primary and secondary packaging, semi-finished / finished products, loading aids,
  • assurance of material-specific warehousing conditions,
  • material tracking with bar code technology,
  • sample processing,
  • temperature-specific dispatch packaging, e.g. for overseas transport,
  • internal temperature-specific shuttle transports,
  • temperature and humidity monitoring, and
  • works truck traffic surveillance via satellite (GPS).

So if you want to avoid headaches caused by your pharmaceutical logistics we recommend a well-founded discussion with the specialists from GRIESHABER pharmaceutical logistics.



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