Food logistics

To be up-front about it: we are not a classic food forwarder, and not a refrigerated forwarder. Regardless of this, however, we can also handle temperature-controlled, refrigerated and classic food transports.

So what does the GRIESHABER Logistik GmbH actually stand for in the food sector?

Our message is entirely clear and deliberate: “we do not do what others do”.

We focus on:

  • outsourcing your logistical processes,
  • direct connections with producers,
  • offering regional solutions in North-Rhine Westphalia and Baden-Württemberg, and
  • aspiring to quality leadership.

We are committed to an uncompromising process orientation, clearly evidenced by our IFS Food Logistics results: 97.8 per cent is both impressive and an obligation.

We see a concrete opportunity for differentiation in food logistics with the skills that we have built up ourselves:

  • warehouse management with paperless inventory administration,
  • interface programming of your ERP software to our warehouse management system,
  • we take your storage strategies into account – FEFO, FIFO, best before/batch dates.

We also have experience in these performance categories:

  • display pre-packaging,
  • picking,
  • sleeving – packaging solutions – RFID tags,
  • repackaging,
  • dispatch processing – documentation,
  • storage space optimisation – consolidation.

In addition to all these demonstrable and verifiable quality aspects, however, we can also handle all your investment activities in logistical infrastructure, whether property or equipment.

And, if necessary, even VERY QUICKLY.

We also welcome your enquiry and would promptly visit you on-site to discuss potential tasks with you confidentially. From person to person, naturally.


Alexander Glaser


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