The environment

The aim of the GRIESHABER Logistik GmbH is for its value-creation activities to expose the environment to no burdens. We therefore take environmental compatibility into account for new sites and logistics projects early on in development.

Our service, supply and disposal processes, as well as the products used, are regularly and methodically assessed for their environmental effects. The implementation and effectiveness of the environmental protection measures at GRIESHABER are assessed during the annual environmental audit according to DIN EN ISO 14001.

The prevention of emissions is our top priority. We therefore exploit advanced technologies, particularly for the vehicle fleet, to ensure environmentally friendly waste and waste water disposal, the treatment of exhaust gases, the reduction of waste, and noise reduction.

Exposure to pollutants and noise at workplaces is regularly tested by the works medical officer. GRIESHABER Logistik GmbH also obliges its suppliers to achieve environmentally friendly and resource-conserving production and delivery – with the aim of not having an unsustainable negative impact on the environment through our activities. We also work closely with authorities and public bodies regarding environmental protection.

Environmental vehicle fleet measures

  • We only use vehicles that are classified as low-emission.
  • Continuous analyses of emission classes with consequent management.
  • Use of tyres with higher running performance and up to 30 per cent lower fuel consumption.
  • Targeted use of semi-trailers and swap bodies.
  • Behaviour-Based Safety – intensive training measures for our drivers.

Environmental facility management measures

  • Continuous measurement and determination of electricity, water, gas and oil consumption, as well as derivation of consequences and proactive measures.
  • Calculation of greenhouse gas emissions with appropriate monitoring.

Environmental waste-sorting measures

  • Framework contract with specialist disposal company and the aim of ensuring a high recycling rate.
  • Separation and consolidation of reusable waste units/fractions.

Environmental office measures

  • Double-sided copying and printing.
  • Paper only from FSC-certified cultivation.
  • Use of e-learning elements to reduce travelling requirements.

Environmental illumination measures

  • Consistent transition to LEDs (see also Audit Report acc. to DIN EN 16247).

DIN EN ISO 14001:2004
Report No. 70723820, carried out by TÜV-Süd Audit, certifies that GRIESHABER Logistik GmbH has introduced and uses an Environmental Management System to meet the requirements of DIN EN ISO 14001:2004.

Energy Audit acc. to DIN EN 16247
Extract from introduction of the Energy Audit report:

In advance of the Energy Audit the aims, limits and depth of the audit were co-ordinated with the client and the practical structure of the audit defined. Regarding data acquisition, all the data provided by the client was examined and the state of the company’s energy management determined. Energy consumption at the audited sites was evaluated by on-site observations. Work processes and user behaviour – and their effect on energy consumption and efficiency – were surveyed.

The existing situation was determined and documented regarding the energy-related performance of the audited buildings. Potential energy-efficiency improvements were determined and evaluated. The results of the Energy Audit acc. to DIN EN 16247 are shown and explained in this Report. The most important measures, whose quickest possible implementation was recommended because considerably increased efficiency could be expected with comparatively low expenditure, are described below.

Responsible for environmental management:

Gregor Schnell


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Arnold Zimmermann

Manager of Marketing and Integrated Management Systems

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