The company

GRIESHABER has already been involved in one aspect of logistics – transport – since 1951.
We have prepared an article on our company’s history for you to download.

But after almost 40 years of solely transport-related activities, the conditions and the markets changed radically. The GRIESHABER portfolio therefore had to change. We now describe this as the laying of the foundation stone for the GRIESHABER Logistik GmbH.

Relatively straightforward storage activities rapidly and systematically developed into complex tasks. Specialists are needed to master complexity. So business fields were defined to support and encourage expert knowledge.

The GRIESHABER Logistik GmbH now covers the entire bandwidth of a modern forwarding company from high-quality overland transports within Germany (with our own equipment and well-trained drivers) to multimodal and global transport projects.

From a small village out into the big wide world. From a small transport company to a forwarder that is active worldwide. And from simple warehousing operations to an international logistics company.

We also offer packaging services for overseas consignments and a wide range of sector-related contract logistics solutions for:

We exploit our multi-user warehouses at our sites, though they also offer specialist functions. These include qualified, temperature-controlled and special storage facilities.

GR Logistik GmbH, a joint venture with Edgar Rothermel Spedition GmbH, currently offers national expert solutions for tyre logistics.

Behind all this lies the professional use of modern technology tools, whether in the fleet, telematics, track & trace and paper-free tracking of material flows, or regarding layout planning techniques, as well as a variety of calculation and simulation programs.

With all these activities it is also possible to offer well-founded logistics consultancy that has been proven in practice.


Overview of the GRIESHABER Logistik GmbH

Facts 2023
210,000 pallet storage spaces I 200,000 m² managed storage spaces I
140 towing units I 14 logistics centres I 850 employees

GRIESHABER Logistika d.o.o.


Management of the GRIESHABER Logistik GmbH


Gregor Schnell,
Managing Director Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Ralf Heersma-Plattner,
Managing Director Transport and Forwarding

Roland Futterer,
Managing Director Finance, Human Resources and Services


Gabriele Grieshaber,
Architect Project Manager Real Estate

Hansjörg Zelger, Chairman of the supervisory board
Partner at Zitzelsberger & Partner, Munich
Auditors and tax consultants

Michael Horn, Member of the supervisory board
Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW),

The GRIESHABER Logistik GmbH “Genetic Code”

We have defined and communicate how we work with one another, our perspective and attitude, in our Mission Statement and in the GRIESHABER Logistik GmbH Genetic Code.

We have developed ten statements for the successful collaboration of all those involved in the process.

  1. We are an independent and owner-run company.
  2. We are committed to doing our best for our customers – to inspiring them.
  3. We are the logistics service provider with exceptional people.
  4. We are the company with an adaptable, flexible and learning organisation.
  5. We have a high level of specialist competence because the quality of service provision is decisive.
  6. We achieve innovations through our close customer relations.
  7. We meet the challenges of the market. Without limit!
  8. Maximising customer benefit is more important to us than maximising profits.
  9. An integrative and co-operative management style encourages commitment, entrepreneurship and extraordinary personnel.
  10. We accept social responsibility for our personnel, for employment, for our environment and for the sustainability of our actions.

We have developed the Mission Statement into our “Genetic Code” whose consistent application ensures a binding self-similarity at all sites and in all projects.

Automotive logistics

Almost no other sector moves like the automotive industry. The demands on process partners are extremely challenging. “Demand determines delivery” is relevant here and sharpens the senses while challenging expertise, processes and costings.

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Food logistics

To be up-front about it: we are not a classic food forwarder, and not a refrigerated forwarder. Regardless of this, however, we can also handle temperature-controlled, refrigerated and classic food transports.

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Pharmaceutical logistics

Ask your doctor or pharmacist – no, side effects are not to be expected with GRIESHABER pharmaceutical logistics. Because almost 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical contract logistics characterises the processes and attitudes of the personnel.

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Paper logistics

We are well-versed in paper logistics. It was, after all, the early foundation for the development of today’s highly complex GRIESHABER contract logistics activities. We have been “doing” paper logistics for more than 40 years.

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Logistics consulting

The most important thing about planning logistics is having the right logistical concept.

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Small parts logistics

It shows class when one can work together with the world market leader in accessories for hard-metal tools for more than 20 years. As a learning organisation (that is how we want to be perceived) we have developed expert competences in small parts logistics.

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We also use the English word in our German-language version of this website. You could call it Germlish if you wanted! Using the English for warehousing is an image-building measure because it sounds a lot better than the German word ‘Lagerei’.

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proactive. pioneering. purposeful.